Diksha Institute


Diksha Institute is a famous institute for qualifying psycho test either it is of Railways (ALP+ ASM) or various Metros.

Best features of our Institute are:-

  • Full coverage of all the sets/ batteries
  • Both online and offline practice
  • Trick based preparation
  • Do's and don't will be told to candidates which they have to keep in mind while performing their psycho test
  • Experienced faculty and Specific material
  • PG facility for Girls & Boys
  • Our Institute is very near by to metro station

Course Duration : 10 Days
Fee : 5000
Topic Covered :

1. Memory Test : - (05 Types)

(1a.) House (Building) Memory Test (Question 12+12=24) (Time 04+04=08M)

(1b.) Picture Number (Digit) Memory Test (Question 21+21=42) (Time 06+06=12M)

(1c.) Track Memory Test (Question 12+12=24) (Time 04+04=08M)

(1d.) Picture to Picture (Figure to Figure) Memory Test (Question 20+20=40) (Time 06+06=12M)

(1e.) Object (12 Figure) Memory Test (Question 12+12=24) (Time 05+05=10M)

2. Following Direction (Table) Test :- (03 Types)

(2a.) Alphabetic Type Table (Question 10) (Time 05M)

(2b.) Watch (Clock) Table  (Question 10+10=20) (Time 10M)

(2c.) Numeric Type Table  (Question 10) (Time 05M)

3. Depth Perception Test :- (02 Types)

(3a.) Bricks Test  (Question 10 x 5=50) (Time 05M)

(3b.) Hidden Cube Test  (Question 50) (Time 10M)

4. Concentration Test:- (04 Types)

(4a.) Yes and No (Question 96) (Time 04M)

(4b.) Find 6  (Question 75) (Time 04M)

(4c.) Compare Figure (Z) Test (Question 72) (Time 05)

(4d.) Find 9 (Question 75) (Time 04M)

5. Perceptual Speed Test :- (02 Types)

(5a & c.) Similarity Test (Question 18x4=72) (Time 06M)

(5b.) Same Figure (Hexagonal) Test (Question 96) (Time 06M)

For Admission :
Offline Payment   * Get Flat Rs. 100 discount via Coupon Code
Online Payment   * Get Flat Rs. 500 discount

Time Table

Batch Faculty Name Subject Timing
Batch 01 ALP Psycho 08:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Batch 02 ALP Psycho 03:30 PM - 05:30 PM
Batch 03 ALP Psycho 06 PM - 08 PM

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