Rajdhani Coaching Center


RAJDHANI COACHING CENTRE was founded by Mr. RAJESH KUMAR SRIVASTAVA IN 2012. Ever since its emergence it has unparallel track record of success. Today, it stands tall among the reputed institutes providing coaching for SSC RAILWAY AND BANKING. The institute has been very successful in making potential aspirants realize their dreams which is evident from the success stories.

Course Duration : 07 Days
Fee : 3500
Topic Covered :

1. Memory Test : - (05 Types)

(1a.) House (Building) Memory Test (Question 12+12=24) (Time 04+04=08M)

(1b.) Picture Number (Digit) Memory Test (Question 21+21=42) (Time 06+06=12M)

(1c.) Track Memory Test (Question 12+12=24) (Time 04+04=08M)

(1d.) Picture to Picture (Figure to Figure) Memory Test (Question 20+20=40) (Time 06+06=12M)

(1e.) Object (12 Figure) Memory Test (Question 12+12=24) (Time 05+05=10M)

2. Following Direction (Table) Test :- (03 Types)

(2a.) Alphabetic Type Table (Question 10) (Time 05M)

(2b.) Watch (Clock) Table  (Question 10+10=20) (Time 10M)

(2c.) Numeric Type Table  (Question 10) (Time 05M)

3. Depth Perception Test :- (02 Types)

(3a.) Bricks Test  (Question 10 x 5=50) (Time 12M)

(3b.) Hidden Cube Test  (Question 50) (Time 12M)

4. Concentration Test:- (04 Types)

(4a.) Yes and No (Question 96) (Time 04M)

(4b.) Find 6  (Question 75) (Time 04M)

(4c.) Compare Figure (Z) Test (Question 72) (Time 05)

(4d.) Find 9 (Question 75) (Time 04M)

5. Perceptual Speed Test :- (02 Types)

(5a & c.) Similarity Test (Question 18x4=72) (Time 06M)

(5b.) Same Figure (Hexagonal) Test (Question 96) (Time 06M)

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