Why do you need an Online Exam platform?

  • If you aspire to grow your business, you need an Online Examination platform. You need to oversee and evaluate the performance of your students and faculty. If you wish to have branches and franchise centres at different locations, you can monitor the performance of students and faculty sitting at your head office.
  • You need to efficiently utilise your expensive faculty resources and minimise the burden of your faculty for preparation, evaluation, monitoring and doubt clearance of DPP and Mock Tests.
  • Most of the tests are increasingly getting online. Bank (IBPS & SBI), SSC (CGL, 10+2), Railway (NTPC), Delhi Police Constable was available online from 2016, JEE Main was available online in 2014 across all cities with offline option in a few select cities. It is expected that next year, JEE Main 2015 may be compulsorily online. There's a talk of JEE Advanced also getting fully online in 2015. NEET is being conducted by CBSE. It's quite probable that next year CBSE follows the same strategy of compulsory online tests for NEET also.
  • Large institutes are working hard day and night to come up with online test programs to cope with the sudden demand for such programs. These institutes have hefty budgets and can probably afford to invest endlessly in such a program. For small and medium sized players who have a passion to grow, we offer a dependable and effective alternative.

Why should you not buy or develop your own online platform?

  • If you plan to develop your own online platform, you a dedicated team of best website developers, android developers, website designers and testers to develop, troubleshoot, upgrade and maintain the software on a regular basis. You need the best global practices in terms of documentation and continuity of team members else. You also need to hire and maintain high performance servers with round the clock monitoring systems to ensure that your software is available to your students.
  • The cost of development and maintenance is prohibitively expensive. After having invested the colossal resources, there's a risk of software may not passing the strict test parameters. Ours is a ready to implement solution with no minimum investment.
  • You can also consider buying the software from a software vendor providing a similar solution. Firstly, so far there's no software solution available in the market which matches the features and ease of use that our program offers. Secondly, most of the software developers run away after some time, leaving you without any support. Thirdly, you need to invest heavily in the content development and ensure the quality of content.

Why should you consider SmartOnlineExam amongst host of online solution providers?

    Our program has the following differentiating factors which you must consider before you decide on another online solution provider:

  • Easy to use and error Free platform.
  • Also work without internet or slow internet connection.
  • Question in both language (Hindi & English).
  • Self-explanatory Detailed step by step solution.
  • Details report on given exam.
  • Unique 3-step revision lists.
  • Bookmark list.
  • Free Trial with full student Panel.
  • Hosted solution on high speed servers.
  • Large no. of relevant and unique questions (no repetitions).
  • Helps the students perform better in the board examinations.
  • Facility to add your own questions and answers to maintain your uniqueness (optional).
  • Facility to create your own DPPs and Mock Tests (optional).
  • More Board level questions can be added by faculty.
  • Helps faculty to improve their skill sets and get trained for educating students for the competitive examinations.
  • Accessible to students from your own website through your school website

How does it help grow my business?

  • It wards off the risk of your students being taken over by the large institutes.
  • It helps you grow your student enrolment because increasingly students are looking for such options.
  • It helps you grow by setting up branches and franchise centres because now you can easily monitor the performance of the students and faculty.
  • It helps you attract students who happen to visit your website and register at your website for free trial. These registrations would be your leads. Your institute can convert these leads to revenue for you.